Doing Business with Baby

Doing Business with Baby

Jenny encouraged me to start a blog and referred to hers… an inspiring post of her “Privacy on the Loo”, makes my very first post about ‘Doing Business’ with Baby.

Our little one just wont let Daddy go! When he doesn number 1, she is desperate to see what happens, squizes her head with all force in between his legs and ‘watches’. As he was ‘in the middle’ of it, he could not use his hands to keep her away, so there they stood. I walked by…rushed off, but to late for the camera.

When he comes home from a long day at work and rushes into the bathroom for number 2, he barricades the door from the inside, upon which LO. will bang the door “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy ….”, have a bit of a tantrum screaming etc until he comes out totally frustrated and still constipated :)

I myself gave up, she now sits on the bin next to me while she waits, or she takes all the stuff out the bathroom cupboards and tries to puzzle those 4/5cm thingies with a thread on, wrapped in plastic, on the floor. If I take to long she points to the toilet paper though.

Welcome everyone …


One response to “Doing Business with Baby

  1. Hahahaha… really are great. I’ve not had 2 minutes peace while I use the loo in so long that I’m only reminded what it’s like when it’s gone 11pm and all the darlings are already asleep – and even that isn’t guaranteed! :D

    Congratulations on starting the blog!


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