Lot’s of Ideas for blog posts, but must prioritise!

So I have a blog but the most exciting work the passed weeks is: Resizing images to useful thumbnails.

In January we improved our texts and website browsing: put in a double header bar so customers can easily navigate to About Us, Delivery information and Brand information.I am desperate to start writing about the brands I love so much, and share my passion for their quality and environmental concern and production methods. But improving the web shop is a priority.

When I first started in November I build the website myself (Yes I am female and I had never done anything like it before!), throughout the first sales months people have given me feedback and I read a lot about improving online shopping experience. You also learn from shopping elsewhere and automatically pay more attention to your own likes and dislikes when shopping online. So now I am improving all product texts, making more bullet points for quicker reading, and improve the pictures. Some brands the pictures were to small when clicked on, others to big. I had just used the material supplied by the brands. I took a day or two per brand and left the beloved Haba till the very end as they needed me to buy at least 4 wholesale orders prior to sending me the official pictures:

4 discs in total! Ever since I have put the images on the laptop, it is soooo much slower. So will have to put them on an external discs once work is finished!  None of the images had the file name, only the SKU! Aargh what a work!
Okay, browse the 10 000 folders to find the correct pictures, re-organise them in folders as per my web shop categories and start resizing. With Chloe climbing up and down the sofa asking for ‘Beebie’ (meaning boobie / breastmilk) every so often. I find myself on Photoshop for nearly three weeks now, half of the time cuddling my beloved daughter lying across my lap and laptop while resizing away.
If only the images would not be to big to e-mail I would have outsourced it!

I do have more exciting news to share on the ins and the outs of business, but this is real-life: 7 on 7: 9am-12am, 2pm-5pm, and 7pm-1am photoshopping for a webshop.

Tips for resizing images very welcome!


One response to “Lot’s of Ideas for blog posts, but must prioritise!

  1. I used to go on the Playstation when my little ones were tiny – not anything like as productive as you! I swear there’s a dint across my lap where they lay sleeping most of the day….
    I can’t help with your photoshop problem, but at least once you’ve adjusted everything you shouldn’t have to do another complete build from scratch!


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