Haba Play Food – A sweet way to play

A sweet way to play

There is little doubt of the importance of role play; particularly for younger children as they learn social skills through imitating everyday situations, and HABA has a range of award-winning toys to help enhance the play experience.

With HABA’s Toy Shop or Kitchen play food the scenarios are endless as these gorgeously realistic pieces, made from quality fabrics, introduce healthy eating as well as mouth-watering treats too. For example the Sandwich includes magnetic slices of toast which children can dress with the slices of lunchmeat, cheese, tomato and lettuce leaves. Alternatively, why not create a favourite pizza with a choice of toppings from pepperoni and olives, to cheese and anchovies

For those with a sweet tooth, HABA’s fabulous assortment of play cakes and cookies provide the perfect treat from Petit Fours to Sponge Roll and Ice creams. There is even a range of Birthday Muffins with little magnetic candles to celebrate special occasions.

HABA also has several playsets ensuring children can create a realistic barbeque scene with the Grill Set Sizzle Expert, or a seaside treat with the Ice-cream Shop Venezia. This playset cleverly turns the box containing the pieces into a little shop counter, including scoops of ice-cream, cones and dishes. There are even little coins with numbers on encouraging children to use numeracy skills such as addition and subtraction during play while counting out change for their customers.


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