A business is a part of the community

The Toadstool Niki: “I am very grateful for the feedback you gave me on the website, I have implemented the changes as you suggested (e.g. Double bar), but still need to add pictures about myself and more personal images, but I am waiting for a skills swap with a good photographer as this can not be a pictures my husband takes :).

Client: “I will check out your site again when I get a mo – I am pleased I could be of some help. But you must take credit for your humble attitude and willingness to learn (not saying I have anything to teach necessarily!) but it does you credit and hence you will improve your business. I wish you lots of luck (one needs that in abundance too these days!).”

The Toadstool: ‘Thank you for the compliment. I am indeed always very happy with feedback it is a helpful, but also a way to engage the business’ stakeholders, the clients and suppliers. A business does not stand on it’s own but needs to be part of a community.”

– Not so humble for posting this though –


I love and value your comments, the way to let me know you read a post!

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