Haba Play Food, review by Becky Willoughby

Reviewing: HABA Soft Food

It was a delight to receive a parcel of play food from Haba for us to try out and review. We are big fans of the well crafted toys that we get sent as ambassadors. This is the selection we were sent on this occasion:My children immediately decided that the toys were perfect for setting up a play restaurant. It was a good selection to be able to offer on their special menu! These were the individual parts:Hamburger and French Fries

Haba Biofino Hamburger and French Fries

Haba Biofino Hamburger and French Fries

The burger bun is magnetic to hold everything together and you can choose from 2 hamburgers, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese to go inside. This stops all the contents from slipping about. It all looks pretty realistic. The fries come in a cardboard box of a similar shape to those in real life fast food restaurants.

Vegetable Basket

Haba Biofino Pealable Banana

Haba Biofino Pealable Banana

I have noticed that my photograph hasn’t got all the contents in it! It came with 1 leek, 2 carrots, 1 banana and 2 tomatoes. No doubt the missing items have been secreted somewhere round the house! My children were especially taken with the peelable banana. Its great to have lots of healthy options for the play food. All of these items are soft for easy handling. The basket is made of wood.


This was another fun idea as the fabric fish can be filleted and a plastic bone removed from the inside. A great way to show children about food preparation without all the gore.

Biofino Salami

A very realistic looking salami sausage with some pre-sliced sausage for better effect. It even has the string at the top like a proper one. This would set you back around £9.

9 Petit Four Cakes

These looked good enough to eat in their little paper cases. It was pretty mouth watering to look at them in their display box. They would be a wonderful part addition to a tea service or any play food set.


All the Haba play foods are very well made and look like they will last a long time. They aren’t the cheapest on the market but they are of a very high quality.

review by Becky Willoughby with thanks to Haba Uk Mums


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