My First Play World Farm, review by Louise Strachan

My First Play World Farm, review by Louise Strachan

Reviewing: My First Play World Farm
Little Man has recently being playing with the HABA My First Play World Farm and I have to say he loves it!

Designed for children aged 18 months + the set includes 22 wooden figures featuring popular farm animals, machinery, trees and fences and all are made from quality wood. I really liked the expressions on the animals faces and they certainly appealed to Little Man as well.

The wooden pieces are a really nice size for small hands and, as you would expect, contained no sharp edges or rough sides. You could see the quality of the items. 

Every farm animal I could think of was included in the set from a cow, the mouse in the hay bale to the farm dog. The trees, hedges and fences meant Little Man could make his own little farm world and even better was the fact that the box the set arrives in opens up to become a farm house.

Little Man had great fun just moving the animals around and pushing the wooden tractor across the floor but also thoroughly enjoyed ‘posting’ the animals through the roof and watching them come out through the farm house door! 

Something that appealed to me as a parent was the booklet that came with the set. Not only did it give details of the skills that could be encouraged through play but it gave a selection of really fun games to play using the wooden farm animals. The activities were listed with the age that they were aimed at, the skills it encouraged, preparation and for me this added a whole new element to the set. The instructions for the game activities were well thought out, relevant and well described. An added bonus to the playset in my eyes.

The whole set was well designed with good quality pieces and the box/farm house was brilliant. Little Man loved the playset and happily plays for hours with it. A firm HABA favorite for sure.

by Louise Strachar on Haba Uk Reviews

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