Welcome to the wonderful world of Wonderworld Toys

Quality wood toys with ecological roots


How wooden toys are made and where they come from matters to us at the Toadstool and we choose our manufactures very carefully.

So let me introduce you to the Eco Doll House, Penguin Rescuer Game  and the Recycling Truck all part of the truly inspiring range of quality toys from Wonderworld Toys which I know you and your children are going to love.

Made in Thailand by a Thai company the toys are of a standard and quality that matches many of the big European or American manufactures. But it’s not just the fact that their exceptionally well designed and aesthetically pleasing that makes them special.



Toys that encourage and teach children to be environmentally careful and aware.

Wonderworld’s educational toys offer a combination of learning and fun. But more importantly their toys are also leading the way in encouraging children to learn about the environment, understand the consequences of waste, the benefits of recycling and waste reduction and the importance of alternative energy sources. Not bad for a wooden toy.


But that’s not all. Wonderworld toys use local “Rubber” wood.

What’s special about that, is that it’s not only both indigenous to Thailand but Wonderworld are using wood which would otherwise be destroyed as a waste product of the Rubber industry.

Rubber wood’s natural properties make it perfect for toys and its use by Wonderworld has stimulated the local economy and brought much needed employment to the region.  On top of that they run a Tree Plus Program which means for every tree they use, they plant two more.

ImageThey also use safe, ecologically friendly paints and dyes.

Wonderworld only use water based paints which don’t produce toxic waste as many plastic dyes do. This is not just good news for the employees working with the dyes but of course also better for our children. And what’s more Wonderworld’s sturdy and appealing packaging consists of 70% recycled material.

And they take corporate social responsibility very seriously too.

Wonderworld Toys are part of the Thai government’s Fair Trade scheme and the company supports local charities and human rights organizations. This “responsible approach” is also extended within the company and they offer training, ongoing learning, group saving programs and refinancing to their own employees. This might sound like standard procedure in Europe but for Asia it’s really pioneering.

But don’t just take my word for it.

For a company that launched in 1985 as a small wooden toy workshop with only six employees, it’s perhaps no surprise that Wonderworld has grown into a world renowned market leader in the production of quality wooden toys and currently has 500 employees.

Have a look at their toys on our website at www.thetoadstool.co.uk

Wonderworld is undoubtedly blazing a trail in the quality toy market in encouraging our children to understand and care about our environment and in making world class, ecologically sound toys.  Their mission is to continue “to create environmentally friendly, creative educational and fun toys”. And we’re delighted to be able to share their innovation with you and bring you their toys and a little bit of their magic.

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