and I wonder why the LO does not want to go to bed!

… even I struggle to leave the toys alone and go to sleep. Last night I build a little play world for Chloe with a lot of her toys. Ofcourse it was ran over in 2 minutes, but different elements kept her very well entertained throughout the day.


Combining Duplo, Haba and others is totally awesome



Walter is relaxing and dozing off by seeing me working hard


Spot the brand we don’t stock


See the Haba display in the back? Can’t wait to have my own shop! Imagine how the window display would look like!


Duplo from Ebay



Car inspired by In the Night Garden.
My little girls favourite toys since months on the right



One response to “and I wonder why the LO does not want to go to bed!

  1. I might just have to borrow your idea of using letter blocks to lift the track up some more – great idea :)

    I still haven’t had any luck sourcing replacement level crossing barriers from B**O – so if you do end up working with them, I might ask you to give them a push for me! Not the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.


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