Closure of Wandsworth one ‘o clock clubs ?!


Clapham mums’ facebook page mentions it’s final: 6 one ‘o clock clubs are closing on 31st of August 2013. I am still waiting to find the official link to the decision of Wandsworth council and will post it here as soon as possible.



The Earlsfield one ‘o clock club “Garrat Park one o’ clock club” – just down the street from The Toadstool – is staying open. We are so relieved, it’s a lovely place with absolutely great staff. Katherine told me once they have minimum 60 kids passing each afternoon and often the visitor count runs up to 300!  Absolutely ridiculous! With such huge amount of daily visitors it is not surprising the Garrett Park one stays open for regular play and stays.


At the annual Christmas party, The Toadstool donated a lot of Haba and Rubbabu clutching toys for the baby corner’s treasure basket as well as a great toddler Ball Track. It’s such a pleasure to walk-in to the one o clock club and see all the kids loving it. The one o’ clock clubs is a great place for mums meetups but now also for us to test new toys with babies and toddlers of different ages!

More info on the closure, decision procedures and petitions can be found on . Thank you Annabel for writing and talking to the council!


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