Never thought I would be selling hamburgers in my life!

001475-HABA-PLAY-FOOD-HAMBURGER-AND-FRIES-2This phrase has spooked through my head the passed few days a lot. I was thinking to post it to Facebook, but then would not want to offend anyone.

But can’t get it out of my head as I have been selling quite a few this week. At home we are currently joking “a Hamburger a day keeps the doctor away”, more in the sense that sales picking up motivates me to push harder for improving the website and continuously writing on my business plan ( as I launched without one, just to test the market for Christmas sales – shame on me! )

Find our delicious looking hamburgers here:

Currently price matching the Cowboy retailers, so not gaining anything else then cashflow from it, so buy your hamburger now, as in a couple of months when Haba has blocked the cowboys, the price will go back to the regular ones!


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