Going through Toy reviewers applications

What I am learning from going through the applications:

Almost 80% of you owns a Bigjigs railway set as ‘the wooden toy’ in the house. I was planning to be stocking Brio as Brio has add-on sets for electrical automated trains for older ones. These are meant for kids, but I want them for me:) I always wanted one as a child but never had one.

But seeing how many people review positively for BigJigs,  I am considering having a look BigJigs as well.  (looks like the pull marketing strategy of Big Jigs is working: meaning they make the product desirable by the end customers, and therefor retailers buy it.)

The second thing I learned from going through the applications. I’ve read somewhere ‘it takes 5 social media interactions to convert a potential customer into lead (e-mail sign-up or buying customer)’. So well, what I have learned is that so far it has not worked for me (from social media), most of my sales come in via Google and not from people who were connected on Social Media prior to a purchase. But when selecting bloggers myself I tend to put the ones I knew already, immediately in the most likely pile. But I must keep an open mind to all bloggers.

I keep reading and I am touched by some personal stories, parents who have had difficult times both health wise or financially. My heart wants to send them loads of free toys right now. I want to make everyone able to enjoy high quality and safe toys, which is why I started this shop, making the products I love accessible to everyone. However I must put my business hat on and think of how I can grow the business quicker. Because if the business grows there will be more wriggle room to send out toys for all sorts of parents.

Having a website or blog linking to my ecommerce obviously improves my Search Engine Optimisation. However my third lesson tells me that only a great great vibrant post drives traffic to my site.

And thus my first Official Toy Reviewer is selected, the most cheerful application comes from the woman whom we least expect to be cheerful right now. I can not imagine what she must be going through.  http://www.edspire.co.uk/year_2013/03/24/the-toadstool-toy-reviewers/

I am still going through all other applications and more are coming in every hour. So please be patient…


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