Easter 2013

Got up 5am on Saturday to prepare everything so little C and I could spend some quality crafting time together before Daddy and I went on our   first full day date since 2 years (his mum was babysitting)! Little C painted eggs, an egg hunting basket and a toilet roll chick and bunny. We took some ideas from Izziwizzikids’ Playfest. Thank you for the ideas!


Easter morning: Egg hunting with my self painted egg hunting basket. So exciting!

Egg hunting is so exciting!

Egg hunting is so exciting!


In Belgium I always received presents for Easter as it was a good spacing between my september birthday, Christmas and Easter. Little C is also a September baby! So what did we buy her from The Toadstool? (Yes, we do buy from our own store, but discounting the margin which would otherwise cover the overhead costs). A play kitchen and A Haba Doll’s Pram.

Both were an equal big hit! She would put the doll in the pram, and serve her play food in the pram, rock the doll to sleep in the pram and quickly go washing up. (Surprised she did not ran off to a pc when dollie was asleep ;) #rolemodels)

Haba Doll Pram Heart

Haba Doll Pram Heart

Multifunctional, strong and sturdy!

One response to “Easter 2013

  1. Hahaha….I love that she has paint all over her face! Why do they get more everywhere else rather than where it’s meant to be? :D
    I always bought my bigger children Easter gifts because their birthdays were near Christmas and they didn’t ever get anything to play with for the garden and the summer!
    Happy Easter!


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