Easter 2012

Cancer – April 2012

A year ago we had Easter at my mom’s house in Bruges.

Easter in Bruges, Oma, me and little C

Walking with help

Little C, Walking in Bruges with help

Little C had just started crawling that week and I was determined to make her do an egg hunt. My mum who always has everything super tidy and clean was scared: “Oh No! Chocolate everywhere? Drooling baby crawling around, oh no ?!” So she put down blankets and throws on the floor in her prestine house. The eggs went on plates, I got my way and Chloe was hunting Belgian Chocolate B

egg hunt





Looking back, it were good times: little C crawling, her daddy salivating, investigating Chocolate, Chloe drooling on it, daddy disappointed, Oma (my mum) crawling after Chloe with wipes to prevent drool going on the carpet, hubby and me rolling our eyes and laughing at the sight and me ending up eating the chocolat that had been thoroughly investigated by C (who at her six months was still fully breastfed).

The last time I saw my mum not bed bound.

Good memories…

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