I am scared…

I have been feeling quite exhausted the passed two months, when I went to Hot Bikram Yoga in December and January, I had all the energy in the world, six hours of sleep was enough and I could handle everything. Unfortunately the good deals on HBY classes never last very long, so I had to stop.

With the toy industry hardly selling in January and February (see my post about the cowboys) and with an ever growing list of to do’s for SEO (see my to do list), I keep trying to improve the website left right and center to get more sales.  So I spend many hours on the laptop. Too many hours.

I am not scared of the business part, I have always achieved what I had in mind, however I sometimes run to fast and forget to take myself along the way.

This time’s halt is: eyesight. Since a couple of week my eyes hurt more, and in the passed week I felt them getting worse every day. Two weeks ago I had them checked at it was +0,5 nothing to worry about, millions of people wear glasses. But yesterday morning I could not focus on the screen at all and got headaches trying to work.

It scares me, so I finally take the advise of the OH and put the laptop away for the day. I had a lovely day with LO in London, a visit to the over over crowded National History Museum. Is it always a two hour waiting line? Walked through Hyde park, we chased some pigeons and watched the Swans. As usual little miss is saying hello and waving bye bye to everyone and making me blush. She is absolutely adorable and we had such a great day. She has walked miles with her little legs and was never tired enough to sit in the pram. She loves to walk: Hooray! And by the end of the day my eyes did feel better.

So the next week I will try (not guaranteed) to work less, and rest my eyes more and perhaps have another check.

I am scared over something so many people have been through. I love glasses as they give personality, but now for the first time I realise that actually needing them and depending on glasses scares the c*** out of me.

Can anyone share their experience of their sight getting less and etc?


5 responses to “I am scared…

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  2. My eyes finally announced they weren’t up to computer time a couple of months ago and now I have glasses for astigmatism for short-sightedness, and reading glasses too. Actually….it’s a great thing and I don’t get the headaches and I don’t feel the strain and tension. Glasses are not the end of the world :)


  3. It is a little stressful realizing that your eyes are slowly deteriorating but unfortunately it does come with age. Mrs M is going through the same thing at the moment realizing that she is getting more and more dependent on her specs and she doesn’t like it, like you she does spends lot of time on the laptop and sometimes I literally have to drag her away. My eyes too are getting worse and I wear my glasses most of the time now but I started losing my hair at 19 so at 32 I’ve had a nice long build up, getting used to the fact in getting older. If its worrying you I would definitely say limit your screen time, everybody needs a break. Hope you peepers are feeling better soon. X


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