Who is Joshua our Joke Master?

The Beesley family all get involved in blogging about their adventures in home-schooling, aspergers and family life over at The Beesley Buzz.

The Beesley Family’s About Us page:

 “Since discovering our son Joshua has Aperger’s and subsequently making the decision to home-educate both boys, we have found ourselves with so many amazing experiences and opportunities happening to us and being able to say YES to them without being limited by having our children in school.

There were so many bits and pieces happening that we really wanted to keep a record of them to share with the children as they grow up, hence this blog.

We very much wanted to make it a family effort rather that it just be mum or dad doing the blogging, and we plan to let the kids get involved too.

Joshua's Joke

Walter the friendly dragon Musical Cuddle


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