Early Morning going through toy reviews applications

I had such an exciting Thursday and Friday, with two very exciting collaborations coming up out of the blue and I am thrilled!!!! As always they took and will take some of my time and I find myself behind on uploading more Haba items!

On top I have this massive pile of toy reviewers to work through and get things moving! So lots and lots of work this weekend. How is it that when we are excited and love what we do, we seem to need less sleep? 2 nights of 4 hours only and I am still jumping up and down.

OH seems to be dead to the world this weekend and is sleeping more then lo. The poor guy has been working so much and being so supportive with my start-up, by being extremely helpful around the house.

Sunday morning 6am and on the pc, little one is enjoying her tv time (Bad Mommy) by snuggling in her Haba Doll Pram, which is her new favourite place in the living room. Till Timmy Time came on, she jumped up shouting “Baaa Baaa” and of course fell out of the pram. So cute, so funny! But she is a tuff (spelling?) one: no crying, just says “oh dear”, looks at me with a grin and gets back on her feet. :) . I love that girl!


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