Hurray for Haba


If you care about environmentally friendly and wooden toys for your children then the chances are you’ve heard about Haba. This family run, German company founded in 1938 is world renowned for its high-quality baby and children’s toys. They seem determined to support children’s development by making play an exciting experience full of the delight of discovery. So it’s easy to see why we at The Toadstool love them.

In this blog we’re focusing on how Haba produce such safe and high quality toys with such flair and imagination in a way that means generations of children keep coming back. Although it shouldn’t be forgotten that Haba toys aren’t just beautifully made but as you’d expect from The Toadstool, they also have exceptionally sound “eco” credentials too.

1. Outstanding quality.

Double check.

Wooden pegging game for colour recognition

Wooden pegging game for colour recognition

Attention to the detail of all aspects of their toy production does seem to be one of the many keys to Haba’s exceptional standards and as part of this they’ve imposed their own quality assurance system for every single stage in their production process.

Bearing in mind they have approximately 40,000 active parts, this in itself is no mean feat and has been recognised by way of their certification under DIN EN 9001* for high standards and quality procedure.

In addition to their own vigorous scrutiny, of course all the materials used by Haba to make their toys are also tested for compliance with the relevant national and international regulations.

2. Safety as a priority

Safe paints, plastics and rubbers.

It’s very important to us at The Toadstool that Haba only use solvent-free, water-based paints so that you needn’t worry when wooden toys wander from hand to mouth. They also test all their plastics and rubber components to ensure total safety and compliance with national and international directives.

Friendly fabrics.

Haba Doll Range - Cat and Mouse

Haba Doll Range – Cat and Mouse

All fabrics are manufactured according to the standards set by Oko-Tex Standard 100*** and are also tested by an independent body (State Trade Institute) to ensure that they’re free from any harmful substances.

Haba Mini Land fabric ball

Haba Mini Land fabric ball

Haba children’s toys all comply with current German, European and International legal requirements on quality and safety which means you can be absolutely confident that what you are getting is a safe, durable toy of the very highest standard.

3. Unique toys with innovative design.

With 20 experienced and talented designers developing Toys for HABA, it’s no surprise that a large number of HABA toys and games have been honoured with awards for exceptional design. It’s also no co-incidence that since 1993 no fewer than seven HABA games have received the “Children’s Game of the Year”**** award and once you’ve tried a Haba toy, we’re confident that you’ll instantly see why.

Firm family favorites

Haba Water Play - in stock May 2013

Haba Water Play – in stock May 2013

A glance at Haba’s massive range gives you a quick taster of their fresh, simple but ground breaking ideas. For example at The Toadstool we simply love the creative sand toys and spilling funnel and what child doesn’t want to make sand sausages and sandy art? What’s more what’s not to love about a water track that can make water flow up hill and still be redesigned by your child over and over again?

Haba Clutching Toy Whirlygig

Haba Clutching Toy Whirlygig

But that’s to mention but a few and The Toadstool children also love the wooden kitchen, the wooden ball track and the fabulously colourful building blocks and clutch toys. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at our hand picked selection at and let us know you and your child’s favorite Haba toy. We always love to hear from you.

Haba have undoubtedly set a high bench mark in the world of ecologically friendly but innovative and quality children’s toys.  We’re thrilled to be one of the very few UK suppliers giving your children a rare opportunity to be part of the Haba toy experience and we’re confident that once you’ve “had a Haba”, they’ll be a well loved part of your family for years to come.


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