How environmentally friendly are Haba toys?

Wooden building blocks in rainbow sequence

 You know at The Toadstool we strive to bring you only the best toys with a twist of invention and a large quantity of imagination and fun.  But the other ingredient that is really important to us here at The Toadstool is toys that can also claim to be environmentally friendly. To this end Haba and their toys surely have to be leading the way.

Founded in 1938, Haba are a family run, German company famous for high-quality baby and children’s toys. They were the first toy manufacturer in Germany to voluntarily undergo an independent “environmental audit” and on close inspection it quickly becomes clear that they really do have an enormous sense of social responsibility.


1. Only using sustainable materials. 

It goes without saying that using local sustainable materials whenever possible is an absolute must when it comes to wooden toys.  All Haba timber comes from sustainable German forestry and from locations within 150 km of the Haba factory and the plywood they use is imported from Finland and Russia exclusively from sustainable forestry. As a result of these efforts in 2010 Haba were granted the PEFC seal* of approval and they continue to state their commitment to helping improve the way our world forests are managed and maintained.

But the Haba soft toys are also strictly monitored in respect of their environmental impact and they’re sourced from either sustainable cotton cultivation or polyester, manufactured in highly controlled factories and the resulting textiles are all compliant with the Öko-Tex Standard 100.**

2. Minimising their carbon footprint.

From the first draft in the design department to the finishing touches by the timber technicians, everything to do with the manufacture of Haba’s wooden toys takes place at their German site and they’re very proud of this.

Although economic necessity means that Haba soft and cardboard toys are made in China, Haba have expressed their commitment to doing everything they can to minimize and off set this aspect of their carbon footprint as well as maintain their exceptional standards.

a great puzzle for 2-6 years

Haba Wooden Block puzzle ‘Smart Fellow’

3. Using renewable fuels and natural energy production

One of the main things we love about Haba is their exclusive use of renewable fuels. They have the largest solar panels facility in their region and combined with two special heat and power units and a system that uses the earth’s natural heat without emissions, Haba recycle the energy they produce and generate their own electricity, heating and cooling systems. They even have a cutting-edge system which removes fine dust from the air.

4. Recycling cardboard, waste and water

Cardboard boxes are recycled at Haba and cisterns collect rain and well water. Haba even re-process any scrap wood so they can re-use it elsewhere in production and of the remaining wood “waste”,  2,900 tons per year of it is re-used to generate energy in  the heating system and a further 1,300 tons of it is sold on as raw material to regional customers.

5. Ensuring a culture of carefulness.

Environmental protection is evident daily in every function and at every level at Haba. They promote it to staff by means of training and education and around 100 young people each year are given the opportunity to learn a commercial, business or creative trade with Haba.

6. Not just environmentally friendly on the inside.

Even outside area surrounding the Haba toy site has plenty of green space and vegetation to encourage birds and insects.  They’ve erected several nesting boxes and made sure the car park has an environmentally-friendly surface.

5. Taking care of people.

Independently certified for their family-friendly staff policy, Haba have a crèche and offer summer holiday care for young children. Even health and lifestyle seem important at Haba, with freshly cooked meals for their staff and several sport, advice and information events.

Haba’s responsible approach is extended to all their suppliers and their subcontractors. This means definitely no sweat shops and great care is taken to ensure the working conditions of their suppliers’ workforces in Germany and abroad comply with international standards.

We dare you not to fall in love.

Haba continue to be totally committed to protecting and improving our environment under the standards set by DIN ISO 14001***. But although all of this is all hugely important to us here at The Toadstool the bottom line is, that we wouldn’t love these toys if they weren’t also inspirational, imaginative and most of all lots of fun.

If our world environment matters to you but you also want to provide your children with a toy that’s really special, then there’s something for you in our hand picked selection of Haba toys which you’ll find at We’re so excited about being able to bring you this range and we don’t think you’ll find such good quality toys with such an amazing ecological pedigree anywhere else. So treat your child today and don’t forget to let us know what you think off Haba and whether you like our post.

Also read our previous post about Haba and feel free to browse our blog to read Reviews of real mothers and children on Haba Toys.


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