A first attempt ever at Sensory Play…


Reading all the parent blogs, I discovered the Messy Play and Play world creations. I had never heard of such back in Belgium, all we have is awesome toys and crafts. So I have been experimenting with moon sand and food. Today was a perfect day for outside Messy Play. Be gentle with your comments, I am not a pro at this, but was so happy to see the little one enjoy! Will definitely get more into it!

Content: Paella rice, Penne Pasta, Star Pasta, Kidney Beans, Chick Peas, Blue and Red coloured rice…


Please post links with your ideas for Sensory play that are non-sticky and easy to clean up!


5 responses to “A first attempt ever at Sensory Play…

    • Thank you Jenny!
      He is a girl though :) she is in need of a new haircut. She had no hair till about 14 months and since then she needs to have her hair trimmed every couple of weeks, otherwise she does look really boyish :).


      • I don’t mind :) To be honest, being new to reading all the blogs, I also have a hard time how many kids and what age everyones’ kids are. Your family I don’t forget though! 2 pre-schoolers and 5 teenagers! Don’t know how you manage a family like it! I have my hands full with one!


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