A massive thank you to all our would be Toad Testers.


You’re an inspiration

At The Toadstool we were blown away last month by the fantastic response to our request for parent bloggers who’d like to become an official Toadstool Toy Toad Tester. We know you love our clever and beautiful toys and we had over 70 responses. We really enjoyed  reading all the different entries which were a real mixture of funny and touching personal insights and photos.

We won’t forget you.

With enormous difficulty we’ve now chosen our 15 official testers and we’ll be announcing the winners in our next blog. Be sure to look out for that one but because all the applications were so special we’ve also decided to keep you all in reserve.

So even if you’re not a winner now, keep an eye on us at The Toadstool because we may have a children’s toy which we’d like you to review sometime in the forthcoming year. And for those of you with children aged 7 and over, we’ve got some great kid’s feature that will need reviewing really soon, so watch this space.

25% off our beautiful toys.

We really do appreciate all your support in helping us grow and we hope that the bigger we get the more Toad Testers we’ll need because although we love our children’s toys, it’s always great to hear from you that you do too.  And as a special thank you for taking the trouble to apply, we’re offering all applicants 25% of your next purchase which we hope you’ll review for us.

And don’t forget to look out for our next blog where we’ll be announcing the winners or have a look at our website www.thetoadstool.co.uk to see our handpicked range of high quality, ethical toys. We love to hear from you and we’re always happy to post your reviews even if you’re not an official Toad Tester.

Also have a look at our previous blog: A big competition for #EarthDayatWW with amazing prices to be won!


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