And the selected testers are…

The official parent blogging Toad Testers.

It’s been so difficult to choose winners out of so many touching and funny applications to be  an official ‘The Toadstool Toy Toad Tester’. Your stories and blogs were hugely entertaining and there were some lovely photos too. It’s great to know so many of you are interested in knowing more about our unique and innovative toys which we think bring something special to your play room.

But choose we must, so it’s with great pleasure that we can announce that the following are now officially Toadstool Toy Toad Testers: click here to see.

Haba Wooden Toy Puzzle Smart Puzzle

Haba Wooden Toy Puzzle Smart Puzzle

A massive thank you from The Toadstool to everyone who applied, it really was very difficult to choose. But for those who haven’t won this time, we’ve decided to keep all the applications in reserve because we hope at some point in the future, they’ll be a toy which we’ll ask you to review. And don’t forget that as a thank you to all of you who applied, we are offering a special 25% of your next purchase.

So have a look at our website at . We are so proud of the beautiful toys that we stock which we think you’ll love. Well done once more to our official team of Toad Testers – we can’t wait to hear how you get on and don’t forget that we love to hear from all our customers and we’re always happy to post your relevant reviews even if you’re not an official Toad Tester.


We currently have 3 exciting competitions running:

– one to win a Sorgenfresser on our homepage

– one on our facebook page (a like and share) to Win a Pretend Play Sword

– The Big Earthday crafting competition, here on the Blog. 4 Fabulous WonderWorld Prices: a pretend play kitchen, 2 Penguin Rescuer Games and 1 toy car recycling truck


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