Earth Day competition entree 2

Guest post by Hannah Stavely from Precious Little Words: Homemade Earth Crayons .

Millie wanted to do something for Earthday and together with mum she came up with idea of Homemade Earth Crayons.

You will need
  • muffin tin or tray
  • blue & green & yellow crayons
  • oven
Earthday competition entree -  supplies needed crayons and baking tray
1.         Take the paper off your crayons and break them up into small pieces.
Earthday Competition - crafting with Crayons
2. Arrange crayon pieces in the tray, try to make sure you place the colours to next to different colours, try not to fill right up to the top.
3. Have your oven on about 250º to 300º degrees, until they have fully melted, round about 20 mins.
Melting crayons for fun crayon shapes
4. Let completely cool on the top of your work surface for about 15 minutes then place in fridge for 15 minutes. Then pop your earth crayon out and turn over and your done :)
Fabulous home crafted Earth Crayon

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