Earth Day competition entree 3

Haba squirters Uk used in sensory play

Haba squirters Uk used in sensory play

As I wanted to take advantage of doing some sensory play in the garden while the weather was so great, I was not fully prepared and had no glue. However we found some old empty plastic cans and instead of glue we used white finger paint to make the Cotton stick to the plastic cans and surprisingly it worked. In this was perhaps a preferred option with a young toddler (18M) as the finger paint was harmless in case she would eat it.  Once I showed how to stick the cotton on, she eagerly covered the rest of the plastic. We put both ICEBERGS in our biggest glass tray and reinforced their base with white moonsand. In a separate pot we mixed water with blue food colouring and then gently poored it into the tray.

Our truck is recycling paper to maintain the artic: A happy Bin-pin, Fish and Crab to finish the scene. A submarine coming to investigate the Artic’s health, crashes and leaks oil. Oh no it all goes wrong!  The iceberg is shaking and falling down, the bin-pin needs to jump not to drown with the iceberg, but he misses his destination. He must swim to survive, unfortunately he get’s exhausted, he is carried along by the tide.

How will se save the Bin-pin? to be continued…


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