Have you seen the Pig on the Toadstool?

Neither have we, a tiny little anti-climax:  it was to good to be true for a small independent. MagentoGo, our online e-commerce platform does not allow it, but we love the values of the Pig al the same.


Online shopping for kids. Really!

There is no escaping the fact that the digital age is well and truly here and the way our children communicate and conduct their affairs will be very different to what we grew up with. They’re already living in a much more virtual world and as adults they’ll probably be working, shopping and socialising online.

Like it or not, the days of emptying out your piggy bank on the bedroom floor and trips to the toy shop are fast being replaced with online banking and shopping, followed by packages arriving on the doorstep.

So as parents how do we teach our children about financial responsibility and the value of money and how do we prevent our children from buying some of the inappropriate  stuff you can get online?

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