Review: Janod Kubix Penguin Dominoes

A review by Really Missing Sleep The Toadstool Testing Commences

Janod Penguin dominoes

It is quite exciting being an official toy tester for The Toadstool and our first official project was reviewing the fabulous JANOD KUBIX 100 DOMINOESset.
The Penguins caught my eye on their website straight away.  My boys enjoy playing dominoes using a set my mum had as a child.  But these are so much more colourful and fun, I love that the pieces are so diverse with a bell to ring and a little hammer piece to start it off.
My boys have used this set in so many different ways.  Youngest particularly likes building things and making up stories about the little Penguin characters.  Eldest enjoys building domino runs and seeing the penguins in action.
But we also came up with a game of penguin bowling, stacking them up and then knocking them down with the provided wooden ball…
I think £42.00 is a fair price for a product that will last and last, the boys return to it daily to play with the pieces in one shape or another.  Wooden toys seem sturdy and built to last, I have a feeling this is one toy that my boys children will end up enjoying when the time comes.  I know the same cannot be said for much of the plastic toys they own.

Here is a little video of them for you to meet the penguins up close:

As you see building up a run is a serious business (eldest looks quite stern explaining to clear the area and use the correct pieces, you can see him concentrating hard!).   Shame we did not manage to get them all knocked over in the clip but the little bell did ring!  But that’s the nature of dominoes it does encourage my children to keep trying and by persistent against the odds, admiral qualities!I would recommend keeping an eye on The Toadstool website, I have spotted plenty more lovely items.  But the Penguins do have a special place in my heart!Follow The Toadstool on facebook to find out about exclusive competitions, news and offers.

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