6 great reasons to get buried in the sand this summer

And let your child play with Haba.

Sand. Who doesn’t enjoy running it through their fingers or making shapes out of it and it’s something that children often have a natural affinity towards. So as at last we’re able to get outside and enjoy warmer weather, here at The Toadstool we’re really excited about playing with some of our new sand and water toys from Haba. We’ve got just about everything from play food sets and the amazing Haba water funnel system to water squirters, sand workshops, submarines and sand building sets.

Haba Sand Play Breakfast and pretend play cooking sets

With such a fantastic and innovative range, we can’t wait to dig in and begin and in fact, we’re nearly as excited as The Toadstool children themselves! But if the fun factor of sand play alone isn’t enough to tempt you, here are our top 6 reasons why we should all encourage our little ones to play with sand this summer:

Sand and deliver

  1. Top of our list must be rather obviously that playing with sand is an easy outdoor activity and great form of messy play that everyone can take part in, whatever their age or stage of development.
  2. Sand play toys are great for developing gross and fine motor skills and eye / hand co –ordination as children dig, pour, sift, scoop, measure, rub and pat.
  3. Sand play also promotes social skills. If playing together, it can involve team work, sharing and role play and all this helps with more important social skills such as developing a sense of empathy and perspective.
  4. Maths and science concepts can also be explored during sand play as children learn about measuring, about shapes, the differences between wet and dry sand, pouring and patterns. And you’ll find the Haba spilling funnel, water tracks and workshop tables great when it comes to inspiring budding young minds.

    Sand castle made with the Haba Spinning funnel

    Sand castle made with the Haba Spinning funnel

  5. Sand and sand toys are of course also good for helping to develop language skills and creativity, from describing how sand feels, to writing letters in the sand, making play food and building castles. With the Haba range to help them, there is absolutely no limit on where your child’s imagination can take them.
  6. And last but not least, sand is a wonderful, sensory, tactile and often soothing experience. After all, what feels nicer on a warm sunny day than relaxing as you bury your fingers and toes in sand.

A sand toy for everyone.

So whatever your plans for this summer, be sure to include a little bit of messy play in the sand somewhere  along the line. The Haba play food range is irresistible and lets your child make and decorate everything from pizza to cake or from a healthy breakfast to a plate of sand chips and chocolates.

Pretend play cooking in the sand pit with Haba Bakery sets

Pretend play cooking in the sand pit with Haba Bakery sets

And don’t forget that lots of the Haba toy range can double up and be used in the paddling pool or at bath time too.  So why not get ready for summer by having a look at our full selection at www.thetoadstool.co.uk/Haba and then relax and enjoy as the summer sun and fun begins.

Click here to go to our competition: http://thetoadstool.co.uk/haba-summer-toys


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