Haba Spilling Funnel XXL Review

Guestpost by snowingindoors : “Our Review of the Haba Spilling Funnel XXL”

We were all really excited when we heard that Annie and Ez had been chosen to be toy testers for The Toadstool. We were even more excited when a parcel arrived, wrapped with, ‘awesome sticky tape’. Inside was the Haba Sand Play Spilling Funnel XXL, perfect timing, given the weather.

Sand pit toy in a box

This toy is a bit like a (basic!) 3D printer, you fill it with water, add sand and then you can make towers, walls, words and shapes with the wet sand.




Annie thought the way it came out looking was very funny and spent the first couple of goes, ‘making poos’ with it, but I guess that’s what you get when you put this in the hands of a poop obsessed 3 year old!!

I was quite impressed that Annie kept letting the wet sand run over her feet as she sometimes has problems with new sensations and textures, but she handled this like a pro.

I quickly learnt not to fill it up too high otherwise it became too heavy for her to lift.



After lots of playing and practice, Annie managed to make a round walled tower that she then dripped little bits of sand in, to be people. She was really proud of herself and afterwards enjoyed stomping the tower, ‘into sand again like a giant’.

The Toadstool Packaging

The concept behind this toy is really simple and I think that’s why it’s so effective. It’s easy to make tall shapes and towers and even at 3 Annie could lift this and play by herself.

I think next time we play we might try and write her name with the wet sand to practice her letters and writing skills.


This is on The Toadstool website for £6.80 which seems to me to be great value, especially when you consider what a novel idea it is and how much buckets and spades can go for.

While this may not be brought out every time the kids play in the sandpit I can see Annie returning to it often, to make castles for her toys to live in (as long as Ezra the giant doesn’t flatten them!)

What is your kids ‘go to’ toy in the sandpit, bucket and spade, tractor or something more unusual like the Haba Spilling Funnel XXL?

Disclosure: I was sent the sand spiller free for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given.


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