Laugh, love and learn with Living Puppets

The colourful and imaginative Living Puppets are uniquely designed children’s puppets, full of personality and totally irresistible. Suitable for children aged 1 year plus, Living Puppets have a puppet to appeal to every budding puppeteer from hand puppets to animal and character puppets.

Children's puppets at The Toadstool

The power of puppetry

Puppets have huge educational value and an important role to play when it comes to our children’s development. Great for inspiring creative role play, expressive language, learning, children’s puppets also encourage leadership, confidence, social interaction, story-telling, listening and much more.

Handling puppets is also a fun way to improve your little one’s fine and gross motor skills and encourage little ones who are just learning to read. And experts have long recognized that puppets are also powerful tools when it comes to supporting children with special educational needs or exploring and expressing different emotions or difficult scenarios.

Puppet passion – play without limits.

Sheep animal children's Puppet

Lucy the sheep is often used in nativity puppet play, however she is also a regular on CBeebies

Take your puppet on holiday or outside, bring them out at Christmas to re create nativity scenes, use them to learn or let your child treat them as a confident or comforter. Just enjoy watching your child’s confidence grow and their imagination flourish or let your child’s puppet lead by example, after all Carl the lion always eats his vegetables to keep him brave and strong.

Pure puppets.

Founded in 2000, this German brand has designed and made nearly 200 puppets. They’re fantastic quality and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 71 Safety Standard  to ensure the highest standard of safety and quality. Living Puppets Germany offers total transparency to consumers by stating the address and company name of their outsourced production in Mauritius. You can find their strong no child labour and fair trade policy on their labels.

Living Puppets products are also scrutinised by an independent testing institute and a big plus for us puppet mums is that the clothing of the character puppets all comes off and can be washed at 30 degrees.

Your child’s puppet.

Take a peep at our carefully chosen Living Puppets animal range. Let your child snuggle up with Lucy the shaggy sheep, cuddle up with Kalle the camel with his hairy hump or get carried away with Carl the lion with his beautifully tactile mane. Or bring mystical magic to your child’s play with unicorns and talking birds.

Children's Puppet Lion by Living Puppets

Childrens Puppet Lion

Children love creating funny faces with hand puppets Miss Schnatterschnute and Engelchen and will cherish characters such as Tobi, Emma and Paula to name but a few.
Pick a puppet.

Puppet play is a wonderful part of childhood and a great way to encourage your child’s natural physical and mental development, as well as bringing hours of fun and laughter. Browse our unique and adorable children’s puppet range now and open up a whole new world of play for your child.

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