A mile in memory of Matilda Mae.

Please join us in supporting the Lullaby Trust


Matilda Mae died in February this year aged just 9 months.  Today, the 11th May 2013 hundreds of other families came together in Ashford, Kent to walk a mile in memory of Matilda Mae and to raise funds for the Lullaby Trust which funds research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and also supports grieving families. Image

Me and my daughter joined in silence, we did not know anyone, but we really wanted to join and just wanted to show our support as my heart wants to be there for someone I don’t know. Reading every single one of Jennie’s stories about Matilda Mae has moved me to the point where you really feel the sadness, the pain in your chest caused by the injustice, turning your stomach upside down. Unlike parent bloggers I am lost for words, my mind goes blank like a whiteboard. So for me no talk, just walk.

For more information about the walk we did  go to Edspire’s blog http://www.edspire.co.uk/a-mile-in-memory-of-matilda-mae/ or continue straight to the fundraising page https://www.justgiving.com/MatildaMae/. And for more information about the invaluable work of the trust visit The Lullaby Trust  website


We saw a tweet passing stating you can donate as little and as much as  £ 1.00 by texting, so if you can not afford to donate here https://www.justgiving.com/MatildaMae/, we would greatly appreciate if you could at least send one text:

Quote: “Please text MMLT79 £1 to 70070 to give 1 POUND to the @LullabyTrust in memory of beautiful #MatildaMae #SIDS” 




2 responses to “A mile in memory of Matilda Mae.

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  2. What wonderful photographs. It was lovely to meet you today and I hope we can meet again for that toy talk!!! We are embarking on some water play today x x x Thank you for supporting The Lullaby Trust x


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