The Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

If Matilda and her family’s story has touched you, then you can also support them by taking part by bidding in a silent auction in her name which is also raising money for the Lullaby Trust. You can find all the details at  Matilda Mae Memorial Auction.  

  • The Toadstool donated this Lilliputiens Play Mat for the auction. We hope it will raise a good amount for The Lullaby Trust
Baby Play mat by Lilliputiens sold at The Toadstool UK

Lilliputiens Rose Play mat by The Toadstool

And it’s not all about bidding. With such a fantastic network of parent and bloggers, the organisers of the auction are asking you to support them in any of the following ways:

  • Tell your family and Facebook friends about the auction, blog about it, tweet about it – just help spread the word.
  • Display the Matilda Mae badge above – it links directly to a page with all the important information about the auction and the items on offer. To display it all you have to do copy and paste the code from the box below into a Gadget or Widget in your blog sidebar. You can also insert the badge code into a blog post about the auction or a web page of any description.
  • Yesterday on 11th May  the auction opened, and everyday they will add 25 new items. Please consider bidding on one or two items. It doesn’t matter whether your bid is large or small – every penny raised will go direct to The Lullaby Trust and could make a real difference to the charity’s work.

Matilda Mae Auction badge code

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="MMMA is open!" /></a>

MMMA is open!


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