The Ricky explores Antarctica project

A great resource for using puppetry as a way to learn.

 Puppet on a trip to Antartica

Following our recent blogs about puppets, we hope you’re as excited as us here at The Toadstool about the power of puppet play and the fun and learning your child can experience with a puppet.  And with that in mind we were thrilled last week to come across a great blog by “Ricky the puppet” at and couldn’t wait to share it with you.


Learn about science with Ricky the puppet.

The blog / project describes itself is “an exciting and novel way to learn” and tracks the adventures of Ricky as he prepares for and sets off on a trip to Antarctica.  His journey raises lots of interesting questions for little ones such as why is it always light in Antarctica, how do living creatures like penguins cope with the cold and what sort of clothing do you need and Ricky meets up with some penguins and even visits the South Pole. After his return Ricky continues his adventures and raises interesting science type questions like whether there are worms in Antarctica and the fact that Australia has worms that are 2 metres long.

Supporting you, supporting puppet play.

Puppets in education in action

Ricky on an expedition

The site also helpfully has a page dedicated to how to use and get the most out of the blog and lots of primary schools and children have interacted with Ricky and got involved. It’s all supported by “The Puppets: Talking Science – Engaging Science project” which is another great resource supporting teachers in using puppets in their classroom as part of their science teaching.

All this is as a result of research which explored the use of puppets to engage and motivate children and successfully showed that using puppets in primary school helped to “capture children’s interest, stimulate their thinking about science, challenge their ideas and model their learning conversations”.


Get stuck in, in Antarctica with toys from The Toadstool.

Visit Ricky’s blog to find out more and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get a bit closer to the Antarctica through Ricky’s adventures and his answers to children’s questions about life there.

And if you are thinking about getting involved, why not combine learning with some of our fabulous puppets which you’ll find at The Toadstool Puppets or the evocative penguin rescue centre from Wonderworld stimulating your children to co-operate and Save The Penguins.

And of course, as always we’d love to know your tips on ways to encourage learning through play and how your child’s puppet has inspired learning or helped deal with a family issue or problem, so why not post your links and comments below and help spread the word about the power of puppets.


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