A passion for P’kolino.

 Please help us choose

a super shape sorter or puzzle.  

We’re excited again here at The Toadstool. Why? Because we’ve sourced some fab’  new pre-school toys from a great firm called P’kolino and we think you’ll love them.  They arrived last week and our very own “in house 19 month Chloe” has already given them a double thumbs up.

Pkolino-Puzzle-Bug The Toadstool Blog-3But that’s not all. Our own in house Toad Tester loves to put the eyes/rings of the Bug Multi Solution Puzzle on her arms as bracelets and show them off proudly.  Then while trying to be naughty and testing mommy, she hides the half circles smaller pieces in …yes you’ve guess it, her nappy! Now how’s that for versatile play?

And mommy says: “Eeew who want bug pieces in their underpants ?”

Pkolino Puzzle Bug

So what we’d love to know is which of the toys below is your favourite and what unusual ways has your little one found of playing with these or any other The Toadstool or pre-school toys. 

What caught our eye?

 A funky shape sorter with rotating gears. “TheBrickCastle” reviewed this item a while ago and we’ll be posting that review is in our next blog.


A one of a kind xylophone all about music, shapes and colours. Rearrange the blocks to create a new melody and nest the blocks together for a quick and easy tidy up.

PIKOLINO-722-XYLOPHONE-STACKEDNot just puzzles but multi-solution puzzles! They hold your child’s  attention longer, encourage them to come up with creative alternatives while fine-tuning hand and eye coordination, strengthening manual dexterity and teaching children about size and proportion.

What else is so great about P’kolino?

Founded by two dads, P’kolino have developed what they call “a playfully smart design philosophy. “Playful” means designing products that have a fun and engaging style that children are drawn to but that parents can also appreciate for their aesthetic value. “Smart” means designing products that have superior functionality to safely support children’s developmental needs and extend the life of the product through multiple uses.”

Not hard to see why at The Toadstool we love them but if you’d like to know more about P’kolino, we have lots of information on our website www.thetoadstool.co.uk/p’kolino

And if you love these pre-school toys as much as we do, the good news is we’ll soon be stocking their stylish chalk board  / bookshelf  and some fabulous round and square stacking toys which fine tune motor skills, enhance spatial logic and stimulate problem solving and colour and size recognition.Pkolino bookshelf 2

So look out for those new arrivals and please don’t forget to tell us below your favourite P’kolino toy and your child’s unusual or unexpected way of playing with their The Toadstool or pre-school toys. We love to hear your stories. And if you have any particular P’kolino toys you’d like us to stock, be sure to let us know.

If you want any Pkolino items that are out of stock, contact us and they should be with you within 7 days!

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