Review: Travel Pouch Puzzles

A guest review by SuperBusyMum
My daughter loves anything do to with puzzles or anything that sparks her to use her brain {she’s very much like her Daddy that way}, so when I was given the chance to review some jigsaw puzzles with my daughter we jumped at the chance.

The jigsaws came from The Toadstool, an online website of high quality and fun toys that will inspire and stimulate your growing child.

So first of all I’m introducing to you the “Travel Pouch Puzzle, Ocean“. My little girl{aged 7yrs} adores anything animal/sealife related so she was excited to get piecing this puzzle together.

Each pouch contains 100 jigsaw puzzle pieces, and is designed for aged 5yrs & above. The jigsaw pieces measure 1:1 & the puzzle, once put together measures 20x30cm.

Watch out for tiny fingers too! Not for children under 3yrs!
Once my daughter opened the travel pouch I noticed the great quality of each jigsaw piece, which is great because children have a tendency to be a little rough handed with tiny things. However you could tell these jigsaw pieces where made with quality card, which as a parent is a comforting feature.

Also another thing I noticed was the detail in each and every piece, and how each one was so colourful and exciting. My daughter was super impressed!

It took my daughter about 20 mins to put the jigsaw together, she was really chuffed with herself too {great confidence builder}. She loved the challenge and was able to follow the image provided on the back of the product with ease, if she needed any help.
Such an attractive picture once finished!

Once the Ocean puzzle was finished my daughter was buzzing to tell me all of her favorite animals and I was pretty darn proud to hear all of the interesting facts that she knew about the different species.

But I’ll let you read her thoughts yourself…

“I loved the sea puzzle because it had a puffer fish, an eel, a dolphin, a shark, a whale and a crab. All the animals that are small and big, the whale is the biggest and I loved that the little pink fish where the smallest. It was also sooooo colourful.”

Ellie was also insistent that I share with you a collection of her favorite animals from the Ocean puzzle.

Turtle, Dolphin, Eel, Crab, Seahorses, Jellyfish, Manta Ray, Octopus, Puffer fish & the shark.

Secondly, we introduce to you the “Travel Puzzle Pouch, World“. Another beautifully designed jigsaw, with high quality card jigsaw puzzle pieces and comes in a super handy resealable pouch.

Ellie was able to follow this one just as well as the “Ocean puzzle”. She really enjoyed figuring out the different countries on the map and what animals came from where. Its was really educational for her.

After this puzzle was done, Ellie and her little brother sat round it all in an excited flutter telling me all about the animals that they could see on the map! Was lovely to be a part of their little buzzy bubble! But the puzzle looks fabulous, wouldn’t you agree?

Again Ellie was adamant that I share with you both her & her little brothers {almost 5yrs} favorite animals.

Kangeroo, Polar Bear {Jacobs fav!}, Panda, Monkey, Tiger, Star fish, Giant Owl, Reindeer, Cheetah.
This is what Ellie had to say about the “World” puzzle…
“This one is my favorite because it has loads and LOADS of different animals. Loads of different countries, and also it has lots of all my favorite animals. It even had a Sloth!”
So all in all both puzzles where a massive hit with my daughter. The cost of each puzzle is currently £5, such a bargain for what you get. I for one am impressed, although my daughter is SUPER impressed!
Ellie even wanted a photo with her favorite puzzle!!

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