Review: Haba Sevilla Building Blocks

Guestpost by And baby makes Three: The Toadstool – Haba sevilla blocks Review

We recently entered a competition to become ‘toy testers’ for the UK based company ‘The Toadstool‘, we were unsuccessful  however we did get a lovely surprise in the form of a 25% discount code as a consolation prize. The website is really lovely, easy to navigate and stuffed full of beautiful ethically made toys. I loved the ideas for special occasions and the list of 15 toys for babies and children of each age.

Haba Sevilla blocks- this construction lasted for all of 5 seconds!
It was really hard to chose what to order, in the end I went for two sets of Haba Cordoba blocks one as a gift for a friend  and one for Little B- the Sevilla set.They looked so beautiful I couldn’t resist them and I thought they would be a lovely addition to Little B’s basket of construction toys.

Ooh, what’s in here?

The blocks arrived quickly and well packaged, Little B really enjoyed ripping open the tissue packaging. I added the blocks to his basket and then let him get busy exploring them.

Listen Mumma!

There are 25 blocks in the Sevilla set including a rattle blocks, bell, prisms magnifiers and peepholes. The blocks are all sorts of shapes and colours and beautifully decorated. They feel really well made and chunky.  The Sevilla blocks are made from beechwood and stained with non-toxic water based paints.

Haba make sustainable and ethically produced toys in Germany with an emphasis on quality and durability, for more information on their ethical and environmental policies check out The Toadstool website for more info on Haba.

Little B really enjoyed exploring the blocks- he gave them a good chew, turned them slowly round in his hands and then shook them- a few make a lovely noise whilst others were good for looking through. The two coloured minaret shapes seemed to be particular favourites and were carried about for a while before being put into his truck and pushed about. They were just the right size for little hands!

I like this one the best!
Little B. (12M) is probably a little bit young for these blocks- although he loved knocking them down, shaking and exploring them and giving them a good chewing. However I can imagine them being a core part of his growing collection of construction blocks, the bright colours and unusual designs and shapes would really spark a childs’ imagination. Whilst the set isn’t cheap you could easily add to it with cheaper plain blocks and use the Haba blocks to give and extra imaginative boost!

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