Why Wonderworld? And what’s the deal with their new Trix Track ball track sets?

 Yippee, they’ve arrived at last!

I’m talking ball tracks of course and the new range from Wonderworld. The last two days have seen my sitting room floor awash with parts, while I scrabble about on my knees and tiny toad Chloe (19 mths) runs off with half the tracks thinking Christmas has come early.   My other half thinks we’ve both gone mad but in my view you’re never too old to go ball tracking.

Wonderworld Ball Tracks

Wonderworld Ball Tracks

Why Wonderworld?

Sensory blocks -for sound and colour recognition

Wonderworld Rainbow Sound Blocks

I first fell in love with Wonderworld when a friend introduced me to their rainbow sensory and sound blocks, the simplicity and beauty of which struck such a chord with me that I immediately set off to find out more.

wooden toy car taxi

Wonderworld wooden toy car taxi

It wasn’t long before my then baby daughter and I fell for their mini vehicle range (not really mini at 10cm long) which I still find unbeatable for their simple, tactile but compelling design.  The more I learnt, the more I liked particularly when it came to Wonderworld’s sense of social responsibility and I love idea of the “Tree plus +” project (for every tree they cut down, three more are planted), not forgetting that their trees are sustainably managed rubberwood which are used for their rubber before they are used for the toy production.

My Trix and Trax review.

So I was very excited when DKL (Distributer & Supplier of fine quality and educational toys and craft to the trade in United Kingdom and Ireland) asked me to review the new Wonderworld Trix Trax ball tracks for their big launch?

And yesterday after hours of play, my guestblog review was published on the DKL blog site. I don’t often get asked to review my own toys so I’ve done my best to be candid and thorough and as some of you are experienced reviewers, I’d love to know your thoughts. Better still, I’d love it if you’d let me have your views on the Wonderworld Trix Trax Hammer Slammer and the Spin and Swirl and what you think of Wonderworld and their new range.  I think their truly innovative but it’s your view that counts.



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In the meantime, with Haba due to launch their new “My first ball track with sound” in a few days, this week is turning into my perfect kind of week! After all it’s not often I can justify spending hours playing with my favourite toys. Until next time.

2 responses to “Why Wonderworld? And what’s the deal with their new Trix Track ball track sets?

  1. Please offer extra pieces for creating our own unique set ups. I would especially like some short straight trough pieces, more long straight trough pieces and extra plastic orange pieces for height.


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