Plus Plus at The Toadstool

This week we are taking a slow approach to blogging, after all it is half term!

Are You Ready for Plus Plus?

Plus Plus “Are you”

We are starting off with a Plus Plus Linky for all our The Toadstool Toad Testers to join with their Plus Plus creations and reviews over on our website (see further down).

Plus Plus logo

Plus Plus

Most have tweeted already that they loved the product (before I got to see the actual reviews), so I thought it would be awesome to create a regular Plus Plus linky with a challenge or competition open to everyone.  Once and a while we will give away prices.

I invite everyone to comment their brainstorm options for the Plus Plus linky. Shall we do it weekly? Bi-weekly? What day would you prefer? Do you prefer competitions, challenges or just fun topics?

Themes? Ideas? This is YOUR linky! We will just guide it!

The only thing we ask is to always mention the age of the person whom build it and stating you are linking up with #TTPlusPlus as we are promoting it on Twitter to!

For those who haven’t clicked the links to the link-up page yet, here it is in full:


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