PlusPlus the Robot Challenge

Last week we started a Linky with a few (adult! eek!) PlusPlus fanatics. I am not sure if we can expect entrees from the kiddo’s or the parents. But thought I would already go ahead with our own Robot creation.

Plus Plus is really fun but challenging and thus also relaxing. Those five minutes (right – more like an hour) where you are so concentrated on getting the build right are heavenly: No work thoughts, the kiddo out of my mind once she is in bed, tv in the background. Yes I do love PlusPlus.

Whenever playing with PlusPlus I seek for mirroring, patterns, logic in the build, which is probably a sort of mild OCD. I always want to use ALL the blocks and find it really hard not to use them all.

For this weeks’ challenge – themed Robots- I struggled to make a 3D which made sense and looked like a Robot. So I continued in 2D, everything nice and symmetrical and using a maximum amount of bricks. The result? A GlowBot with a wink to Joshua The Toadstool’s master joker over from The Beesley Buzz. 


I am sure the other participants will come-up with something better, but hey as organiser I do need to participate!

I love and value your comments, the way to let me know you read a post!

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