Robots in Earlsfield

Oh dear! Summer fair today? Is the school year almost over already! How quick does that go?

We attended the Earlsfield Primary School Summer fair and took our Haba Sand Pit Range and Plus Plus along.

As it started raining we quickly packed up, but left the Plus Plus out to play. And oh boy everyone loved it! We sold loads to 3-10 year olds! When we told 2 5th graders we do weekly challenges and the last one was Robot themed they were eager to make small robots!

The result:

#TTPlusPlus robot challenge

Robot by George from Earlsfield (10y) in bright neon and basic plusplus colours

#TTPlusPlus challenge

#TTPlusPlus challenge Blue camouflage robot dragon 1 by Lorenzo (10y)

#TTPlusPlus challenge

More robots by George and Lorenzo as they could not get enough from PlusPlus

I will be linking up this post in our official #TTPlusPlus Challenge for the boys!

Well done! I hope you will send us more pictures of your creations and you will join the challenges!

I am also proud to announce we now have a Plus Plus Uk  facebook page.


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