Haba Musical Instruments Review

Review by Snowingindoors

We have been lucky enough this last month to borrow some fantastic Haba musical instruments.  My two love making noise any way they can and so when these turned up in the post they were very excited.

The toys are suitable from age 2 upwards so I wasn’t sure they’d hold Annie’s attention now she’s a big grown up 4 year old. Turns out that making lots of noise is timeless and Annie enjoyed the instruments just as much as her brother did at nearly 2.

Annie’s favourite without a doubt was the horn flute, (or, ‘awesome trumpet’ as she called it). When she pulled it out of the bag I was worried that the neighbours would be round complaining about the noise, but it’s actually quite a soft sound. The louder you blow the noisier it gets and it makes 3 different sounds thanks to the holes.

It reminded me of a duck quacking and there were fights between the kids over who’s turn it was to play with it.

Ez Bear liked the percussion set, he enjoyed bashing the drum and triangle. The rattling stick confused him though and he mostly just used it to bash the drum!

This was a lovely little set, exactly the sort of thing we used at school, with a clear sounding triangle with a very easy to grip green handle. A fab sounding drum that you could bash with the sticks or your hand and one of those rattling sticks that sound a bit like an insect (in my mind at least).

My favourite was the magical sound flute. I always wanted a ‘Clanger whistle’ growing up and this is one of those. Of course the kids were too young to understand why Mummy was wittering on about soup dragons and Tiny Clanger but they put up with my excitement rather well!

The sound of this flute is perfect and took me straight back to my childhood. In fact I think I loved this instrument more than either of the kids did, which is saying something.

The eggs were a hit with Ezra more than Annie, I guess shes’s a bit too old for ‘rattles’. While the Haba Rattling ShakerClicker Clacker and Clipper Clapper made exactly the sort of noises you’d expect them too given their names.

These toys were aimed at younger kids I think and as such Annie left them in favour of Ez, who was the perfect age for enjoying them.

The Haba Metalophone was gorgeous. It looked so photogenic and sounded wonderful (even with Annie playing it!).

The colours were beautiful and I loved that they weren’t too garish or loud.

All the wooden musical instruments were great and very well made. I wasn’t worried abut the kids breaking them or chipping any paint because they look so darn sturdy and well put together.

The wood is all very smooth and tactile, while the colours of all the instruments are wonderful, not too over the top, just inviting.

The wonderful thing about these Haba instruments, and all the other Haba toys we’ve seen, is how long lasting they seem. I could imagine my grandkids sitting down and making a racket just like their Mum or Dad had done 30 years before, with the instruments still looking pristine as they do in these photos.

Please note there are no photos of Ez enjoying the instruments because the weather has been taking it’s toll on poor old Ez Bear and he’s spent a lot of his time sat in a paddling pool, asleep or in the throws of a full on tantrum!

Which of the Haba instruments would be your favourite?
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