Maud ‘n Lil, Are they the most organic soft toys in the world?

Organic Soft toys

Maud ‘n Lil: Puppy, Rabbit and Bear organic soft toys with giftbox

As some of you may know, our Toadstool toad testers have been spending some time with one of our gorgeous Maud n Lil cuddles and in conjunction with The Toadstool, are now offering you the chance to win your own at the bottom of this blog.

Australian based company Maud n Lil describe their cotton toys as the most gorgeous organic soft toys in the world and I thought you might like to know why it is that I agree with them.

OK, there is no doubt that these soft toys are fantastic gifts for babies or young children suffering asthma, allergies or other sensitivities. Their 100% certified organic cotton (which uses 50% less water than traditional cotton crops and contains no harmful chemicals so is safe to chew) make them an obvious choice for any discerning parent.

Plus their biodegradable natural corn fibre filling is much safer than organic toys that are filled with the usual polyester and the Maud n Lil velour fabric not only means a low fire risk but is made from shorter fibres than usual cuddle fabrics which are easier to inhale. What’s more they’re made from Oeko tex approved dyes  – which means they’ve attained the highest European standard for non-toxic chemicals. All this and they’re machine washable too!

Equally important is the fact that the company and production process is socially compliance audited which means not just that there is no child labour but that their ICTI factories meet the highest safety standards and their workers are properly paid and work in good conditions too.

And of course with their subtle, muted colours and their luxuriously soft fabric they’re unbelievably cute to look at and comforting to hold.

But what I think really makes Maud n Lil soft toys stand out as the most gorgeous soft toys is their undeniably superior quality. It’s not something that’s easy to describe but is something that we all recognise when we see and touch it. Maud n Lil describe it as an “heirloom quality” and we think when you meet the Maud n Lil range you’ll understand exactly what they mean.

And the good news for lovers of toys that are special is that Maud n Lil are about to launch 3 more delightful products, namely the comforter, donut rattle and rattle stick and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

But as always here at The Toadstool, please don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the range or if you’re already the happy owner of a Maud n Lil, post your comments or reviews and what you love best about them below! Also we would love to hear your suggestions for Organic Cotton Soft Toys brands you think we should stock as well? Suggestion anyone?



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