Super soft, super kind, super clever – Lilliputiens have done it again.

The past week has been an exciting one with the arrival of Prince George who surely must be the most awaited baby in ages. We purposefully decided not to participate in the marketing and matching baby products mania, it is not our style. 

Worry-eater for Prince George

Sorgenfresser eating #royalbaby #paparazzi worries

However I must admit I think he will need a Sorgenfresser in his early childhood years whom he can feed with all his worries about the paparazzi. I feel sorry for him, on one occasion when I hit the newspapers due to a career achievement, I had nightmares for ages about those journalists and photographers knocking at the door.  No, no high profile lifestyle for me, thank you.

But with luck and hard work the little prince should enjoy growing up in the love and warmth of his parents, with cute little toys they select for him which hopefully make him conscious of how his behaviour and choices influence the world around him.

Choosing earth and skin friendly toys.

And that got me thinking about another exciting new arrival this week – the brand new Eco-doux range from Lilliputiens (a brand I loved as soon as I discovered it, especially Walter the Dragon) which as suggested by the name, is all about being considerate of our environment even from an early age.

Musical cuddle for cot

Lilliputiens Musical Cuddle Tom the Tiger

I’m thrilled that  the new range is designed by the same team of mothers because after all, as parents, aren’t we the experts on what we want and what work’s for our children? And this team of mother’s are clearly on my wave length because what they wanted to design was a creative, fun and inspiring toy that was even softer and even kinder to the environment. In achieving this, Lilliputiens Ecodoux use only OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified fabrics which are also softer and hypoallergenic, they’ve minimised packaging and their wooden and cardboard parts carry the FSC label, proving sustainable forestation.


Adorable and clever soft toys.

But of course as you’d expect from Lilliputiens, the range is also thought provoking, colourful and inventive with new characters such as Tom the Tiger and Clara the Panda representing two of the world’s most endangered species.  As with all their toys, Lilliputiens have also packed each toy, comforter and product with lots of engaging and unusual features and noises to delight your little ones.

Ecodoux arrived with us in the UK the same day as Prince George was born and is now available at The Toadstool for all babies in the UK. I’d love to know what your thoughts on this are or better still, if you were buying for Prince George what you think the gift that most suits him would be or conveys the most important eco message.

LIlliputiens Tom car seat or cot entertainer

I love and value your comments, the way to let me know you read a post!

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