Over 100 words on a silent Sunday!

We have a linguist couple in the family, both PhDs in African languages. They are raising their kids in 3 languages at once!

The kids hear French from the father, African language with the mother, Dutch at nursery and mum and dad communicate to each other in English. So even though they did not intend to teach a 4th language, their eldest can perfectly understand me when I speak English to them. The little fella is 2! Eek!

Anyway they asked us to make a list of our little one language progress. And since we reached a couple of milestones the passed days: first 100 words, first French word we thought we would share. Personally we have found little ones vocabulary really starting going quicker once she had some Haba soft play food (pealable banana, pear, pealable orange, strawberry) . She suddenly knew all the fruits she had as play food and also started counting a lot more with her little ravioli.

The word box is one of the first as mummy is forever and always unpacking and resorting stock in and out boxes, often blocking little one in the hallway: “Stuck! Box!”

English French Dutch
1 9m Mama – later changed to Mummy
2 9m Daddy
3 9m yeah
4 9m no
5 9m Dog
6 9m Woof
7 10m Duck
8 10m Cat
9 10m Miauw
10 10m roar (lion)
11 10m Quack (KA_K Ka_k)
12 15m Go
13 15m Shoes
14 15m Cheese
15 15m Mama (banana)
16 15m Pear
17 15m done
18 16m thank you
19 16m Please
20 16m Socks
21 16m Pants
22 16m Tickle
23 16m Cuddle
24 16m Teddy
25 16m Book
26 16m Apple
27 16m Njam Njam (food)
28 16m juice
29 17m Boom
30 17m Auto
31 17m BooBoo
32 17m Egg
33 17m Tv
34 17m Car
35 17m Tree
36 17m Stop
37 17m mooo (cow)
38 17m ssssss (snake)
39 17m oe oe oe (monkey)
40 18m tik tok
41 18m clock
42 18m Bed
43 18m Bath
44 18m Ball
45 18m night night
46 18m Yes
47 18m Doll
48 18m beep beep
49 18m Oh Dear
50 18m Woopsy Daisy
51 18m Kaka
52 18m Weewee
53 18m row row row
54 18m cup
55 18m bath
56 18m yellow
57 18m Door
58 18m Box
59 18m Open
60 18m blblblblb (blub blub blub)
61 18m Fish
62 18m Stuck
63 18m Sucks (she did not learn that from me, frown at OH)
64 18m Stinks (when she has a number 2 nappy)
65 18m No way
66 18m carefull
67 18m Twinkle
68 18m diamond ( from twinkle twinkle star)
69 18m Nose
70 18m Eyes
71 18m Head
72 18m Pull
73 18m Fall
74 18m Waw
75 18m Up
76 18m Down
77 18m knock knock
78 18m jump
79 18m really
80 18m allright
81 18m oui oui
82 01-Apr windy
83 01-Apr mouse
84 01-Apr tidy
85 01-Apr why
86 01-Apr I really really want (babbling away in the car)
87 01-Apr I don’t need ( in regards to nappy change)
88 01-Apr No Need
89 02-Apr stop
90 02-Apr Oh Dear, Why? Why why why?
91 03-Apr elephant (to her elephant lamp)
92 03-Apr stay
93 03-Apr kick
94 03-Apr stay
95 04-Apr teeth
96 04-Apr throw
97 05-Apr let me go
98 05-Apr you
99 05-Apr a-o-i-e-u
100 05-Apr bump
101 06-Apr blocks
102 06-Apr plane
103 06-Apr alouette
104 06-Apr glasses
105 06-Apr grass
106 06-Apr flower
107 06-Apr mouth
108 06-Apr dix
109 06-Apr no, no, serious (hm def got that from me!)
What were your kids first funny things to say?

2 responses to “Over 100 words on a silent Sunday!

  1. impressive, Monkey was a late talker. We only had 5-10 words when he hit 2 years. Really want him to speak Spanish so we can converse with his grandparents neighbours – have all the books, just need to start now :)


  2. Mine have said so many funny words, I wish I’d written them all down. Today my 4 year old asked if we could buy some ‘Candyfluff’ in stead of Candyfloss and the little 2 have just had chicken pox and they both believe each spot is ‘a chicken pock’, and to have lots is chicken pocks…. :D


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