Fundraising for The Lullaby Trust

Today is Jennie from Edspire‘s birthday.  Instead of cards, she asked people to make small donations on her Fundraising page for the Lullaby TrustPrint

I have only met Jennie once at the Mile In Memory of Matilde Mae and as we don’t personally know eachother I could not find words to express myself and I still struggle. At the Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae I gave her Saggo to express what I wish for her. I wish for something that can make the pain less, that can make the trauma’s of live bearable.

Ghostwriter Mummy wrote beautifully all the emotions that go with seeing someone you care about suffer, in her blog post “When A friend falls apart”.  I know that more people especially in the blogging community feel just as powerless to help, no matter how much they wish with all their heart they could do something. We want to do something, but know it will not take the pain of baby loss away, we say things, but might say all the wrong things regardless of our good intentions. I don’t know what to say at all and this post has been postponed and postponed so in a nutshell:


For me personally I can only express myself by supporting Jennie’s efforts in fundraising for The Lullaby Trust  on a personal level and from The Toadstool.

We will be attending the Matilda Mae Welly Walk with a The Toadstool Toy stall (upon Jennie’s request). But I also wanted to do something extra. So we decided we will be donating our margin on the Sorgenfresser range from today till November 15th (2 weeks after the Welly Walk) entirely to The Lullaby Trust in her name.

sorgenfresser-pluesch-booboo-dolls-plush 2

On the day we will also foresee activities with PlusPlus to remember Matilda Mae. But I will blog about it closer to date.

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