Point + Shoot – taking time off during the weekend

The lovely Em over at Snowing Indoors is hosting Point + Shoot on a weekly basis. I love taking pictures but notice that I too often do not use them at all, reading all the lovely blogs really wants me to document our life a bit more as well.  At the moment being my life is intertwined with my business and being a mum.  I enjoy what I do, I did not want to go back to work full-time and miss out on seeing little Chloe grow up, neither would I feel comfortable not working. It is not in my nature to keep both completely separate hence why for me personally it feels right for me to mix personal and business posts mixed together.

Saturday was rainy and my husband and I took turns doing household, spending time with C. and working on our individual projects. Sunday the sun was inviting us to go conker hunting… We have a lovely common near us, with lot’s of ponds, ducks and several play grounds and we wandered around observing the beauty of autumn colours.

IMG_0377” Mommy,  all leaves fall down, windy windy “

Taking time to look and investigate our world.

“Toadstools mommy, looking, no touching”


I love how Wandsworth common has lot’s of pathways like this and little hidden corners to sit and feed the ducks.



“Giggle, giggle, giggle …. push, mommy push more… mommy … no photo … push ….”

“Push what?”

“Push … Please :) “

That was our very relaxing family sunday. They are rare at our house and are much treasured. Love.

What have you been up to at the weekend?


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