Come and Play at the #MMWellyWalk

On Saturday 2nd November 2013 Jennie who Blogs at Edspire is organising a fabulous event.  It will be a family fun day in memory of Matilda Mae to raise money for The Lullaby Trust but more importantly raise awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the fact that it can affect older babies and toddlers as well as the very very young.  You can read more about the overal event on her blog here:


– Matilda Mae Welly Walk : What to expect 

– Matilda Mae Welly Walk : What you can do

– Matilda Mae Welly Walk : Where we are

The family fun Welly Walk day will be held at Beale Park in Reading, Berkshire, which will open at 10am for the Matilda Mae Welly Walk.

The Toadstool will have a little play area with

Ball Tracks to play

We will bring our Wonderworld Trix Tracks and Haba regular marble run and Haba Toddler ball tracks to test. Now, please note that for Trix Tracks, we might all have to take turns to build and play, or we will set the set up priorly. We’ll go with the flow. It’s not the easiest toy to play in groups :)

Please note children must be supervised by their parents at all times (toddler balls, but also marbels around)

Haba and Trix Tracks combined

Haba and Trix Tracks combined

We will bring a basket with baby and clutch toys from Haba and Lilliputiens for under ones.

If you have any special requests of things you wish to test and try on the day, please do ask us so I can check if we have a showroom sample of the item.

Brio Wooden Train Play sponsored by Marbeltoys Brio (to whom we are very grateful)

Brio Metro Railway Set 3Marbeltoys is sending a Brio wooden train play table straight to Beale Park, and you’ll experience how much extra play value Brio can offer over other wooden rail sets!  This is my opinion, not what the brand expresses. I just love Brio for the eco-story, because they have been around for-ever and because their designs really do grow and in my personal opinion they are a true leaders in small world train play, offering more innovation and more qualitative products then other brands that I have personally encountered.

I have written about Brio before in our blog post “All Aboard with Brio” but we also have lots of objective information supporting our love for Brio in our Brio Brand page. On our Brio shop page you can find most of the Brio stand alone sets, and each time you can find a video on the second tab.

Plus Plus

We love Plus Plus building blocks, if you have never heard about it definitely check the  Plus Plus Facebook Page , or the hastag #TTPlusPlus for ideas. We also have a Plus Plus challenge page where we group all the Plus Plus reviews, competitions and challenges! And our Toad Testers have been posting some of their artwork to our Pinterest board to.

The distributor kindly donated 2 sample bags for parents and kids to play with on the day. I have been playing with a few ideas for the day:

  • everyone making a star, and taking it home, however we then risk we will not have enough building blocks for the day.
  • or everyone making something in name of Matilda Mae and we glue them all on a big board or sheet as a memory of the day, you take pictures with your smartphones of your little creations and tweet it to #TTPlusPlus and #MMWellyWalk. We could take one big picture afterwards and tag people and give it the actual to Jennie as a keep sake of everyone remembering Baby Tilda?
  • or only free play

What do you think?

MMWelly Walk Badge
#MMWelly Walk Badge
“If only our Wellies could Walk us to bring Star babies back”

For everyone linking up afterwards with a PlusPlus post and mentioning Matilda Mae’s Welly Walk we will donate a further £5.00 / blogpost to the Lullaby Trust.

  • T&C: blogpost to include a link to The Toadstool Home Page, to any of the PlusPlus shop pages or the PlusPlus brand information page.  Add a picture of PlusPlus play at the event, something you made with PlusPlus at home or a picture of PlusPlus pacakaging you purchased for the kiddo’s for Christmas. Add the badge from the Linky (badge and Linky will be made available after the event!)
  • T&C tweet entries including both #TTPlusPlus and  #MMWellyWalk


We are awaiting confirmation for two final supplier’s participation!  If you follow us on Twitter you might have seen some tweets pass about a certain product launch ;) ?

We will keep you posted!

Christmas Booth

As per request from Jennie, we will also be selling some of our toys on the event.  Amongst which, PlusPlus, Our beloved Sorgenfressers, between October 1st and November 15th of each large Sorgenfresser ( RPR £25.00 ) £5.00 will be donated to The Lullaby Trust.

Sorgenfresser Frula - new for 2013

Sorgenfresser Frula – new for 2013

Other then that, we are open to suggestions, which items would you like us to bring?  Bear in mind that usually people prefer us to ship the big items to them directly rather then picking it up while the kids can see it.  Hence why we are planning to only bring smaller items that fit in peoples purses etc.  However we do take orders for the larger boxed purchases and you can pay cash on the day they will be shipped out on the Monday. We have too much choice so if you are coming along, kindly comment with your preferences and suggestions to bring after having a browse, even though you might not purchase, it is just useful to have a guide line of what products people would like to touch and feel.

If you cannot make it to the #MMWellyWalk but still wish to donate without purchasing a lovely Sorgenfresser you can do so here:


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