Point + Shoot struggling with time management and young child(ren)

The lovely Em over at Snowing Indoors is hosting Point + Shoot on a weekly basis. I love taking pictures but notice that I too often do not use them at all, reading all the lovely blogs really wants me to document our life a bit more as well.  At the moment my life is intertwined with my business and being a mum.  I enjoy what I do, I did not want to go back to work full-time and miss out on seeing little Chloe grow up, neither would I feel comfortable not working. It is not in my nature to keep both completely separate hence why for me personally it feels right for me to mix personal and business posts mixed together.

We received a lovely parcel today from a beloved retailer, where we payed full RPR for Chloe’s Halloween costume. Her first pretend play costume as I prefer her to first pretend to be an animal at the age of 2, prior to our current range of pretend play clothes which are more aimed at 2+.

She loved it and “Twoot Twoot” around the house. I would love to stock this range for the shop, however while typing up this posts, I see it is on sale on Amazon at nearly cost price Lucy Locket Boys Owl Cape and Mask Costume, so I am now having seconds thoughts stocking the range for the shop. It’s such a shame that brands don’t control their retail environment better. (also see the post and comments by Mummy Of Two onWhere have all the toyshops gone)


Our mother in law traveled from up North over to South London for a couple of nights to help us while we are both working and to give us a tiny little break from parenting 24/7. I was very much looking forward to spend some time with my partner.

So on Friday afternoon me and MIL walked around to show her our soon-to-be new house.  We always pass at the petshop to have a little peak, a real downside for not living at the country side. Apart from foxes and squirrels in our garden, or dogs on a leash, we do not see many live animals very often.


” Rabbit “


Our soon to be new house

We continued walking to Wimbeldon center and were stunned by little C’s toddler wants and needs.


” Mommy, want this house, neeeeed this house”

” Mommy and daddy can’t afford this house C”

“Mommy must talk to the daddy. “

She really did leave me and her grandma stunned!

Saturday we took the train into London to go walk around Borough Market.


She pointed to everything she saw on the train and I just love love love it so much, I love how she looks at everything, sees and points out things to us we would have missed and how she also loves to just stop and watch flowers or little bugs in the grass.

Seeing the world with wonder is so relaxing, stopping and taking the time to look around. Finding the beauty in everything.


” Pretty Lights”


I love raclette it reminds me of when I was a child. Eating raclette on called winter days and on celebrating New Year in the Alpes with my parents.

I spend the rest of my afternoon alone walking through Tate Modern, throughout my visit I realised how much my life has changed ad and I wanted to offer a point shoot picture which matched my state of mind. Nothing really did but I felt drawn to the following artwork.


Karel Appel “Hip Hip Hoera!” 1949 – a Dutch painter whom I like a lot as a child, most likely influenced by my dad having a print framed in his office.


I choose this picture as I miss my pre-pregancy life, where I used to travel a lot to Morrocco for work, and where I traveled a lot.  I traveled through Israel, Turkey and Egypt with my mum at the age of five, and have spend many school holidays after in central cappadocia. There is something about Northern african and middle eastern countries that draws me. The mystery,  cultural differences, but also the scent of spices and the lovely food. Even though I am raised catholic and later Soefi in Belgium, I miss waking up to the muezin on holiday (I sure I was not so keen on it waking me up in my early teens). I also miss my friend Amani.

The photo itself is a less peaceful part. It is an early morning picture of an important and busy place in Syria which was often used for executions of violaters. But I felt drawn to it for very different reasons.


A close-up of a part of painting of Gerard Richter.

I was not sure if I could actually call my unplanned alone time enjoyable, but I did go for a glass of rose and took the time to speak to my friend Amani. With a toddler around it is as good as impossible to make a phonecall, and she loves to start shouting as soon as I get on the phone. (A real bonus having a terrible two around while managing all things related to moving and buying a house or making calls in the shop!). I also had some time to draw my state of mind myself. It was liberating being able to draw without someone having a tantrum over wanting, neeeeding the pencil that was in my hand.


The second day of the weekend we stayed home dealing with the regular household.

How was your weekend? Can anyone fill me in on when parents get their life back as individuals or as couple ? Does anyone have tips on how to survive young children with hardly any help from friends or family for short breaks of childcare? If there is no budget for paid childcare? I am finding the uk ridiculously expensive for childcare compare to Belgium where the cost is depending on your income and schools (kindergarden)  are free from 2.5 years.



6 responses to “Point + Shoot struggling with time management and young child(ren)

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  2. Looks like a lovely house, and I adore that Halloween costume! As for getting easier, well, Boo has just turned 4 and can definitely occupy herself a lot more easily now than she could even a year ago. The school term after they’re 3, they do get free 15 hours in nursery, too, which freed up some time – though of course I had Little Man by that point, so not much ‘free’ time for me!


    • The quality and materials and details are really lovely of the owl costume. It would be such a great range for the shop. But the amazon prices are really killing retailers like ourselves, even though we do price match!


    • we only have one (and plan to keep it that way) … I am counting the days till she can go to school. Don’t the teenagers babysit, so you and euan can at least spend some time together?


      • Ermmm, not really yet sadly. Two of them fight and so we can’t leave them alone, if all 4 teenagers are there then it’s much better, but we’ve only left them for an hour or so a few times as yet. Obviously when Euan got Meningitis I just left them to it and they were brilliant, but time alone in the hospital while your partner is critically ill isn’t exactly the ‘couple time’ we’d hope for! :D


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