Combining nature and toys in our autumn play

The activities in this post were spread out over several days, on the Sunday we went conker hunting.

Before lunch we learned all about orange pumpkins, cutting, ‘scooping’ and carving.  We sorted seeds to dry from the yuckie threads and the edible pumpkin flesh. We made our design and started carving, perfect teamwork as my little one took all the bits out from the inside in between all the carving.

IMG_0455In the afternoon after nap time we made lovely Pumpkin soup: roasted our pumpkin with rosemary, garlic for about an hour, after which we added vegetable stock and let it cook through. I must say creative work with vegetables must make them look sooo much more yummie as she was eager to try.  Try…

The next day we sat down and sorted our leaves, made patterns by lining up the roasted pumpkin seeds, and made a Halloween display.

Our black bat has fierce eyes, our half 3D pumpkin (you can never have enough building bricks), Chloe’s 8 legged black spider and some leaves and loose brown building bricks to top of the scene of conker(s), autumn leaves and seeds.

This post is our very own entree for linking up with the #TTPlusPlus halloween competition.

Halloween PlusPlus Linky 3

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