Point + Shoot smiles all around

The lovely Em over at Snowing Indoors is hosting Point + Shoot on a weekly basis. I love taking pictures but notice that I too often do not use them at all, reading all the lovely blogs really wants me to document our life a bit more as well.

On Friday I really wanted to make a new dress for Chloe, I had made a pattern, cut it and was ready to start sewing, only to find the my sewing machine (my dear dear dear digital sewing machine that I have loved and treasured from Belgium, to Paris, New York and back) is not working anymore. It must had felt too lonely as I had not taken it out since my pregnancy. Boohoo… sob sob.


On Saturday we had relatives from up North over and we went for long long walks in the city, Having visitors means it is one of those rare occasions where we get to have someone take a pictures of all 3 of us.

Yay, I like it a lot!


I even got lucky and got a picture from the two of us.


I think there are only 3-4 pictures of me and daddy existing, so I am very happy with the shot!


Chloe loooovees books, she does not go to bed without having a pile at the end of her cot, and when walking around the house she always carrying one or more around. She will be puffing that they are heavy, but no walking is done without a pile of books!


” sleeping zzzz – ding ding awake – sleeping zzz” pretend play

Gulliver Micky is a Dutch book from a Disney series I still have from when I was young.

As both me and daddy were working  on Sunday I will be sneaky and add my extended weekend Tuesday to the post.

Very last minute we were invited for a play date at Jennie, and as usual Chloe is protesting against getting dressed. She usually goes hide in her tent, starts dancing, chooses clothing which she then refuses to put on, chooses other clothes, same story… Yep the usual stribbling and getting dressed stress, but how can we blame her with such a lovely tent to go hide in?


Once dressed she started running around with the fluffy duster and I am adding it here as she kept screaming:

Wot So Funee?

“Makka Pakka cleaning Mister Maker Face … in a minute!”


Once at Jennie’s she converted my daughter to Messy Play train play! The kids had loads of fun covering the tracks in snow, and gave us some time to get to know eachother better and chat about toys.  I had a lovely time and am very grateful to Jennie for having us over. We both had a great time!

Once home we cooked nice and healthy meal: Asperges a la Flamand with poached scallops.




One would expect a toddler being sleepy after all the excitement, train play and long train travel, but no sleeping before the regular 9pm :(



6 responses to “Point + Shoot smiles all around

  1. Lovely family pictures – we’re the same we haven’t got many either. I’m impressed that Chloe eat’s such a yummy looking lunch! Did you use the snow in a can? #MagicMoments


  2. I’ve never seen a pic of you before! looks like a lovely weekend :)
    anna (its logged into my other count thats why the different name!)


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