Top Gifts for 0-12 months and their educational value

To help you choose the perfect present, we’ve put together the top 5 toys in each age group based on parent blogger votes and bestsellers of all times!  Watch out for all blog posts per age group!

Each list contains ideas for both stocking fillers and bigger gifts. These toys are bound to be a hit with your children, and you!

Top Toys for babies this Christmas


“A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine.” Author: Unknown

In the first 9 months babies learn about themselves and the world around them. Everything is brand new. They are eager to explore colour, movement, texture, shape and sound. Sensory experiences are so important at this age. Babies explore not only with their hands but very much with their mouths and so toys must be suitable and safe for chewing. Older babies begin to understand cause and effect so enjoying having toys that respond to their actions something they can push or pull, build up and knock down. These toys are perfect for engaging little ones and encouraging them to experiment explore.


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