Top Gifts for 12-18 months and their educational value

To help you choose the perfect present, we’ve put together the top 5 toys in each age group based on parent blogger votes and bestsellers of all times!  Watch out for all blog posts per age group!

Each list contains ideas for both stocking fillers and bigger gifts. These toys are bound to be a hit with your children, and you!


“Play is the work of childhood.” Author: Unknown

Standing, walking, adventuring has begun! At this age children want to be on the move as much as they can. Busy busy busy is what they will be. This is a time for creating, building, riding, rolling. Trucks, cars, wheels, balls, trains, tracks and dolls. Play begins to imitate life with young toddlers. They want to do what Mummy does, they want to be all the things they see Daddy be. Role play begins to develop at this age, cooking up banquets in a toy kitchen, taking tea with a teddy or two, racing off to the rescue on a trusted ride on and cuddling dolly. Imaginations begin to extend true life inspired play.


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